Participatory Design Lab

The Participatory Design Lab puts the human back in the loop. We imagine and design with our participants, starting with one question: What do you need? 

Ovulation-Tracking Jewelry

Why are there so few wearables specifically for people who menstruate? Why are women’s wearables so tacky? The original premise for creating ovulation-tracking jewelry was for teen girls to stop feeling shame and stigma around their periods and general cluelessness about their bodies. We were quick to learn that adult women also experience some degree of cluelessness over their bodies’ signals too. Ovulation and menstruation cycles identify how bodies are highly tuned machines that output obvious signals if we listened.  In collaboration with fertility specialists and our expert teen girl and adult women design panel, we are designing affordable jewelry that that passively collects the biodata needed to track ovulation and look flawlessly stylish. 

Multimedia Teaching Modules:

What would teaching materials look like if teachers and learners were asked how they wanted to teach and learn? We're taking our participatory design style to create a series comprised of multimedia teaching modules about race, technology, and feminism. In contrast to current Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Distributed Open Collaborative Courses (DOCCs), these modules will be non-linear in their presentation and can be adapted to fit non-traditional learning environments. In 2016-2017, we are creating modules around race and games. The modules are being created in collaboration with FemTechNet's Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Committee.