Latinx Pacific Archive

Why have Latinxs ventured beyond the western hemisphere and the Caribbean into the Pacific?

The Latinx Pacific Archive examines how Latinxs function in relation to other ethnic and racial groups in Hawaiʻi and New Zealand, and in particular the Māori population of Aotearoa, and the Kānaka Maoli (Hawaiian people) and “Locals” (ethnic and racial groups born and raised in Hawaiʻi) in the Hawaiian Islands.

The Latinx Pacific Archive examines the following question: What are the contributing factors, both past and present, that drive Latinxs' migration across Oceania, creating communities in places like Hawaiʻi and New Zealand, island nations far removed from their countries of origin?

 In order to tell this story, we rely on our collaboration to fully explore the nuances of this experience, to address our central research question, and to create an interactive online experience that will help others grapple with these questions by making primary resources available, and by creating user experiences that allow website visitors to place themselves in the position of individuals who make the decision to participate in modern global diasporic communities.